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Who We Are

Our team is comprised of qualified health specialists ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals. Get in touch to learn more about our incredible team — we’re looking forward to being a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Oscar Camargo

Master Teacher of Vedic Meditation 

Oscar has been a Vedic meditator for several years and he emphasized a practical as well as scientific approach in his practice. He earned his teacher degree in India from Thom Knoles under the Adi Shankara tradition.  His undergraduate studies were in Electrical Engineer and Physics and he holds a MS Math from University of Chicago, a MBA from University of California Berkeley and a MS in Economics from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He works in Wall Street since 16 years ago in Audit/Risk Management

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Adriana Perez

Vedic Meditator and 

Wellness Expert

Adriana is one of the lead nutritionist and family wellness experts in NYC. She has been practicing Vedic meditation for over a decade. She worked in wall street with Goldman Sachs for several years. She holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and several certifications in the nutrition and wellness area

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