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Benefits of meditation

Why to meditate ?

Given the current amount of information bombarding you constantly and the high demands that every day life pose on anyone, it is essential to find time for you, to relax from the day to day responsibilities and to connect to your Universal Inner Source.
By doing so, you will observe many benefits, such as:

ReducE YOUR stress

The need to trigger a fight or flight every time you experience a difficult situation will no longer be your expected response. You will be able to maintain a balance and collected reaction to unexpected events. This meditation will teach you a way to eliminate the  chemistry of stress, creating a natural resistance to any stress reaction.

Improve your brain memory and concentration abilities

As you  perform your daily practice your neurons will start creating new pathways recreating the experience of relaxation and bliss over and over again. This brain flexibility is known as neuroplasticity and  allow us to adapt to changes. In addition, with time , your cognitive abilities will increase (like memory and concentration) will be enhanced and your will be able to focus very quickly in any analytical task.

Enhance your physiology and health

By replacing the stress chemistry (adrenaline and cortisol ) with natural, endogenous bliss chemistry (like dopamine, oxycontin and serotonin), your body will be able to improve your immune system, to reduce your cholesterol levels, to normalize your  blood pressure, to reduce risks of heart attacks, eliminate insomnia and attain faster reaction times. Furthermore, your DNA will express aging at a different rate than non-meditators, allowing you to age at a slower rate than average.

Ameliorate your Social Interaction

Your interaction with other people will be smooth and empathetic. Any relationship you have will be enhance, as your normal state will be balance. You will always project a continuous cool, calm and collected state of being. Consequently, your self-esteem will be boosted and the need for artificial "feel good" substances (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs) will be eliminated. 

Feel constantly energized and more relaxed than when you sleep

Since the amount of oxigen required by the body is less when you meditate than when you sleep, you can reach deeper levels of relaxation and therefore requiring less amount of sleep. Consequently, your energy levels will increase with your practice as your body captures the benefits of been more and more relaxed.

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